BEYOND SIGHT - an immersive multi-sensory art exhibition


"BEYOND SIGHT is a multi-sensory exhibition in which visitors can explore the artworks through touch, sound, smell, sight and imagination (more details with images further below).


This interactive, immersive experience contemplates inclusion of the broadest audience by making my works meaningfully accessible to people of all ages and abilities with particular regard to people with low or no vision. The exhibition challenges the prevailing paradigm of inclusion by revealing that the experience of those with impairments is both valid and rich, then including other members of the audience in that appreciation. This not only levels the playing field for participation, it also reminds the whole audience of the benefit of using all of their available senses to understand their world.


My practice comprises sculptures and installations created principally from organic or salvaged materials and found objects, instilling thoughts and generating conversations about the built and natural environment as well as individual perceptions. BEYOND SIGHT is informed by my ambition to create non-prescriptive works to encourage the audience to interpret each piece through the lens of their respective individual biographies and imaginations. It is my goal to continue exploring new ways to build on this body of work and invite the audience to contribute content in form of documented thoughts, recorded voices and creative marks, that then becomes a part of the life of the exhibition."


While most works in this exhibition are touchable, the torso series is not. These works are made accessible through the power of language and a process of enquiry developed by Geoffrey Munck. For more information about this technique, go to Vislan.


Visual art for everyone, including the vision impaired

By Rick Eaves on Your Afternoon with Helen Shield,

ABC Radio Northern Tasmania


Interview at the Burnie Regional Gallery while BEYOND SIGHT was on display in October 2019.

Vision impairment and the visual arts

Carers Queensland Australia


A workshop has been developed in conjunction with the exhibition, but can also be held separately.




Art In The Dark is an experiential workshop created by artist Katrin Terton in collaboration with blind art enthusiast Geoff Munck, who developed a unique technique that harnesses the power of language to enable both individuals who live with blindness and those who are sighted to enjoy a comparable experience of visual culture. 


This 3-hour workshop is designed for anyone with an interest in process-oriented, multi-sensory, expressive experiences. It affords the opportunity for a richer understanding of how we individually perceive and conceptualise our world. Participants will experience creative processes such as descriptive and blind contour drawing exercises, clay sculpting without sight and creative responses to sounds. 


The workshop also incorporates an audience experience of selected artworks “seen” through the “eyes of the blind”. 

Listen to Voices Beyond Sight - part of the audio-visual installation:

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