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about expressive arts therapy

When words are not enough, we often turn to visual metaphors and symbols to tell our stories and explore our experiences. Artmaking assists in solving problems creatively, and in communicating safely and meaningfully through imagery. Creative expression engages mind, body, and spirit in ways that are different from verbal articulation. Artmaking involves a multitude of senses and provides an alternative language, sidestepping the limitations of purely verbal communication. Artmaking lends voice to experience and emotions, and can bring about new ways of knowing and understanding yourself.


For nearly a century creative arts therapy has evolved to assist clients beyond words in exploring individual challenges and their sense of self. Its effectiveness is increasinly supported by neuroscientific research. The use of expressive media (such as drawing, writing, sculpting, symbol work etc) and the creative process within a therapeutic relationship contribute to enriching lives and promoting personal and relational growth.


In a creative arts therapy session you will have the opportunity to explore your experiences and express emotions through artmaking in a safe and calm environment. The therapist’s role is to compassionately accompany, guide and support you in this journey, respecting your individual needs, values and beliefs. Artistic skills or experience are not required, as the focus is on the process.

In other words: Creative Arts Therapy is about providing you with new ways to express and understand yourself.  Creative Arts Therapy allows you to move past words to explore, express and process experiences and emotions by using creative methods in a safe and supportive environmentThe therapist’s role is to compassionately accompany, guide and support you in this journey, respecting your individual needs, values and beliefs.


Who is it for? 

Creative Arts Therapy can be used by anyone of any age or background. It can assist people who are challenged with medical or mental health issues, as well as those seeking emotional and spiritual growth. It is a highly individual process honouring the complexities of personal experiences.


If individual sessions seem a bit daunting, you may like to try a creative arts and wellbeing group experience first. This group experience provides an opportunity to explore a variety of expressive methods and connect to others through shared experiences.

about me

I have always been passionate about art and the positive effects it can have on health and wellbeing.

My experience includes working with clients affected by anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, perinatal support, ASD and vision-impairment. I also facilitate process-based creative workshops for small groups. Regularly engaging in my own arts-practice provides me with a comprehensive understanding of creative processes and sound knowledge of the materials and methods I am offering to my clients. 


I have completed a Master's Degree in Counselling at the University of the Sunshine Coast which included Expressive Therapy modalities and am a registered practitioner with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). I also hold a Bachelor Degree in Art Therapy which I obtained in Germany where art therapy has long been established. Additionally, I completed a certificate in Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing at the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy. 


My therapeutic practice is grounded in evidence-based counselling and creative arts therapies frameworks. It can be described as person-centred, strength-based and trauma-informed, integrating therapeutic arts-based methods. Key aspects I am bringing to my practice are openness, collaboration, humility and a kind and genuine approach. As a registered practitioner I am required to engage in regular professional development and professional supervision to ensure my practice is well informed and up to date. 


My approach is informed by following theories:

  • Open studio approach
  • Expressive Therapies Continuum
  • Person-centred and strength-based
  • Developmentally sensitive and trauma-informed interventions
  • Relational and attachment theories
  • Mindfulness-based theories 

My studio and consult rooms are located on Bribie Island in Qld, Australia


In acknowledging that finding the right therapist is important, I can offer a free 15-20 minute initial consult where you can ask questions and decide if you feel I am the right practitioner for you. 


Self- and plan-managed NDIS participants are welcome. Private health insurance rebates may apply. You do not need to have a mental health plan to make an appointment. 

What can you expect from a session?  

One-on-one sessions are generally 60 minutes long. Initially we will decide about what kind of therapeutic approach might suit you best. Not everyone is familiar or comfortable with expressive arts modalities. As a qualified counsellor I can offer a range of other therapeutic approaches which allows a tailored approach to the unique needs of each client.


For group experiences please see the workshops page.

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